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To encourage members to help out at events we have an asterisk * system, to be eligible for a trophy at the end of the year you must have accrued a minimum of 15 points. 5 points are awarded for :


a) setting up at an event.

b) Marshalling at an event.

c) Clerk of the Course at an event.


If you undertake any of these tasks, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure your name is recorded on the paperwork. The scorekeeper’s mind reading skills are somewhat lacking and he can’t be responsible for knowing if you earned points or not!

Points for drivers are awarded: 10 points for 1st place in class, 9 points for second, 8 for 3rd and so on. Whoever has the most points in class at the end of the season wins, but only if they are eligible by accruing points as above.

To be eligible for a prize you must be a full member of EMORC, visiting drivers from other clubs can win on the day, but their points won't be taken in to consideration when totalling up the annual prizes.

Our prize giving and social weekend event is held in June each year.

Membership renewals follow and the first trial of the season is in July.

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